Inspire 48″ x 72″ Wide Meeting Tables – Various colors

  • Price Range: $629.00 - $772.00

Price Includes:

2 – 24″ X 72″ Desks


The INSPIRE-2- 24-inch x 72-inch Table is a versatile and useful addition to your workstation, and we are pleased to introduce it to you. This item comes with two workstations that are 24 inches by 72 inches, which offers a generous amount of space for working together or on individual projects. In addition to being crafted with durability and style in mind, the laminate material guarantees a sleek and contemporary appearance that is able to withstand the test of time perfectly.

Using extra attachments that boost functionality, you may personalize your workspace to match the specific requirements of your business. A personalized touch for an ergonomic and orderly environment is provided by the monitor arm, keyboard tray, presentation board, chair mat, and cable management solutions that are available. The tackboard comes in three different sizes.

This table, which has dimensions of 72 inches in depth and 72 inches in width, provides a spacious surface for a variety of activities, including meetings that include collaboration as well as focused work sessions. Take advantage of a design that is both modern and effective, and that can be used in any working environment.

Find out more about the INSPIRE-2- 24-inch x 72-inch Table, which brings together form and utility, as well as customization and ease. Through the use of this multipurpose and well built table, you can create a working environment that encourages productivity and creativity.

Ideal For: Office workstations, Collaborative meetings, Individual tasks, Creative workshops, Business environments

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