48″ x 72″ Wide Meeting Table – Various Color

  • Price Range: $1122.00 - $1122.00

Price Includes:

3 – 24″x 48″ Desks


Introducing the 3 Inspire Office Tables, a trio of 24″x 48″ workstations meant to transform your workspace. This set’s seamless laminate construction invites collaboration and adaptability while also providing durability and a modern style.

The bundle includes three desks that may easily fit a variety of work styles and preferences. Customize your setup even more with available attachments such as the versatile Monitor Arm, useful Keyboard Tray, adjustable Tackboard, functional Presentation Board, dependable Chair Mat, and intelligent Wire Management.

The design is intentionally simple, providing a clean and functional canvas on which you may create your ideal workspace. From ergonomic improvements to personalized organizing, the Inspire 3 Table exemplifies user-friendly innovation.

Enhance your everyday work experience with the Inspire 3 Table, a smart and adaptable addition to any office, where every detail adds to a harmonious and productive setting.

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