TUFFMAXX 12″ Locker: 2-Door/1-Bank


• All body parts designed to form rigid unit body construction.
• End sides double bend at front edge to add stiffness.
• Three Heavy duty, chrome plated, clothes hooks.
• fully enclosed 20 gauge metal sheet at rear with a flush reinforcing sheet to form a closed box; Makes a rigid, whip-free unit.
• One piece recessed molded handles, sturdy polypropylene.
• Protective bumper for when door is opened a full 180’ against the adjacent door.
• Silent polypropylene friction catch/Latch with no moving parts.
• Air flows freely in and out of entire locker from bottom to top thanks due to slots in both upper and lower horizontal doorframe members.
• Also available as 2-(tier)door, 3-(tier)door and 6 (tier)door units.


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