Xenali Corporate Furnishings provides work effective solutions for businesses, large and small. Based in Canada we serve the North American market through our offices and through our network of dealers and distributors.

Through our full range of high quality corporate furnishings, high level of service and very competitive pricing we are able to offer your business the right solution to meet your needs. We believe that service is as important as  products and and which is  why we’ve strategically chosen partners across the continent to help us help you.

Whether you are working on furnishing your offices with designer specific products or you are looking to meet urgent needs for your office, our dealers are set up to provide you with very competitive solutions.

Why Xenali?
At Xenali we understand the needs of businesses today. We understand the need for greater return on investment through increased worker effectiveness, and lower capital expenditures. We understand that this translates directly into price, service, and quality.

That’s why we’ve chosen strategic suppliers from outside of North America to provide us with high quality product and very competitive pricing. That’s why we’re offering these products to you through strategic dealers that are positioned to meet your company’s needs.